Order a Custom Report Option

For some agency clients and some self-promotion folk like book authors, it may be more convenient for you to have us prepare a simpler to manage “summary report” from all the data in your PRTrax™ dashboard.

IMPORTANT NOTE: you can request a free custom PDF capture of your entire dashboard if you wish, at no cost. Simply request this to help@send2press.com and Chris S. will do this for you same-day. This has everything shown in your report, except the full U.S. national daily media list with National/Regional plans.

Order Custom MS Word Report
For a small $39 fee, we can create a single MS Word file with all of the following information embedded for you (see what is included below, and you can request only some data be captured).

You can order the report here (you don’t need to fill out any forms after checkout):

Example Data Included in Custom Report

NOTE: See below, this page for link to an example report.


  1. Screen cap of the pinwheels at top of report and snapshot of your story page on Send2Press.com. Links to story and shortcode, and number of reads on Send2Press.com version of story “so far.” Links to newsroom and RSS feed.
  2. Custom headline search links for Google News and Bing News.
  3. Social Media: screen cap of the “so far” summary of the PRpurls™ click-throughs, and the clip list of hand-social shares done for your project (some Twitter links won’t be included due to dynamic pull from Twitter server). Custom headline and company search links for Twitter.
  4. Clip/link list from the Financial Content Network and Frankly/Worldnow report “tabs.” This will be both the graphical summary links with logos and the text “laundry list” links.
  5. Clip/link list from the Neotrope News Network tab, if applicable (note: the hand-captured clips are not included at bottom of Neotrope News Network tab with the Online and State plans).
  6. List of media we sent the release to – Direct-to-Editors™ by email – under the media targeting tab, and from the PDF for national or regional push (not applicable to online-only plans). With “National” plans we’ll include the complete 6000+ U.S. daily media list which will be at bottom of report.
  7. Report will have the PRtrax™ branding at top but you can replace with your own letterhead. No headers/footers or page numbers will be included so that you may customize that however you wish.

PDF of Dashboard Included
Also includes PDF capture of the PRTrax™ dashboard as optional record keeping (some elements won’t work in PDF like the screen capture top-right of report, or the pinwheels, due to those being generated dynamically).

This report is entirely optional for those who don’t want to do it themselves. We use MS Word and TechSmith SNAGIT software for screen caps.

We will also download the PDF report from the PRN VR dashboard for you and include with the above reporting as separate file.


What does the custom report look like?

So you can get a sense of what the report looks like, we’ve created a simple example for a client report, based on a Std. Industry plan, that you can download.

Please note, the optional paid report option is only available within the first 7 days of the release being issued. Also remember that some data, like the Frankly/Worldnow network is not permanent.

Call Chris S. if you have questions about this custom report or send email to: help@send2press.com for assistance.