Quick Metrics

Understanding the Quick Metrics for Your Press Release

Starting January 2017, this quick reference section shows some “at a glance” pinwheels which provide the following general metrics:

PRtrax Quick Metrics 2017

 NOTE: Numbers are static based on initial distribution and will not be dynamically updated over time.


“Pick-Ups” is a general number which comprises syndicated copies of your press release where they would be followable-links within the report. These are not so-called “earned media” pick-ups.

Typically, this number might be 200+ sites with a Standard Plan and 300+ with a Premium Plan.

For example, these all contribute to the estimated “pick-ups” number — and are found in the separate sections of your report dashboard:
* Neotrope News Network
* Frankly/WorldNow Network
* FC Network
* Social Media Direct Links

Please remember: this PRTrax™ dashboard is not a “media monitoring” service to track media write-ups, mentions, or use of your news in print, broadcast, or web over time.

To track media write-ups or mentions (“earned media”) over time, you might consider using our simple guide for Google Advanced Search Tools.

Media Monitoring with Google

Engagement Score

“Engagement Score” is an estimated number of “verified engagements” with your press release, based on actual “reads,” and social click-throughs. This number will not change as it’s only an estimate. Actual number would be much higher, for example, with a paid “Social Boost” campaign, or if a celebrity shared a story on their social media page, etc.

The number is a mix of reads on Send2Press.com/wire/ (main site for story), selected sites in the Neotrope News Network, social media engagements (if applicable), PRpurl™ click-throughs from social media, and reads/views on PRN for Premium Plan clients.

See the separate page on how to create your own ongoing “Engagement Score” on a per-project basis.
How to Create Engagement Score

Media Targets

“Media Targets” is an estimated number of the probable number of media outlets we have targeted for your specific announcement using our Direct-to-Editors™ program. This number would be higher for a “National” distribution vs. a local or regional push, and public-facing entertainment news might have larger push than niche trade-oriented news. This would also include our daily opt-in email summary of 300-400 publications that still prefer a single summary vs direct email of each release.

In some cases, even with a “National” plan, we might actually target fewer media than normal full national push of 6,000 – 8,000 outlets due to type of announcement where the interested media might be limited to daily media in just a few states or U.S. region. We do not count online syndication or with Premium Plan clients the so-called 10,000 online media push, which is really just syndication and opt-in for their PRNJ service. Further, we don’t count the 22,000 news rooms which would have access to the story via AP and Reuters with Premium Plan projects due to the fact the news is opt-in vs direct-push. Number is an estimate only.

Potential Audience

“Potential Audience” is a bit of a “nonsense number” as technically there is no real way to estimate true potential audience for online placement of news. It is not comparable to the old-school potential audience for magazine or broadcast pickups as that was a “captive audience,” which online media is not.

For example, in this context the potential audience is somewhat inflated, based on the daily readership values of the news websites which have syndicated (or “cloned”) the story, news portals like Google News, Bing News, Yahoo!, and Apple News, and social media sites with both followers and #tag researchers.

To clarify, this is not comparable to the old-school method of estimated potential audience for a “captive audience” for something like a trade magazine, where an article or ad had a potential audience of all the audited circulation readership due to the fact a captive audience would tend to read the entire publication page-by-page. In the context of modern publishing, most people don’t start at home page for a news site and read everything, but “surf in” from shared links, news alerts, #tags, or similar; therefore the actual audience cannot truly be measured.

We have only chosen to include this metric due to the fact several other large wire services use this to provide a metric, and therefore this would be a comparable metric to their reporting. But, nobody should really take this number literally since the true potential audience isn’t really every visitor to a website, but the number of visitors actually searching for the information related to your news, which might be a tiny fraction of the overall “readership” or “audience” for any given outlet or portal.


IMPORTANT GEOGRAPHIC NOTE ON SYNDICATION OF NEWS: With all plans your news is syndicated nationally, and internationally via websites and content partners who may pull “all our news” regardless of geographical location. So, even if you order a “State” or “Regional” plan, your news will run on portals located in other states or regions. Or, by example, if your release is targeted to Florida, it will still run on websites which are in Ohio, California, and/or the U.K. or elsewhere — this is intentional, as we want content partners to carry all our news, not just some if it, whenever possible. This online syndication has nothing directly to do with how news is disseminated by Send2Press to targeted media using our Direct-to-Editors™ database.

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