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How to use PRTrax Dashboard

Thank you for choosing Send2Press® Newswire for your press release dissemination project.

We have created this report dashboard and combined data from multiple sources in order to provide basic metrics related to your project.

You have a single master PRtrax™ dashboard for each release issued. Below, you can find a “quick tour” of what each section is for.


Expect to reach fewer media folk than normal during pandemic, as we are seeing high amount of bounce-backs (vacation messages, and mailbox full notices). Allow for delayed time reading or responding.


Quick Start

If you’re not ready to read the walk-through of each section, below, you can quickly explore the various sections of your report right now. Each section of the report has a large headline identifying the type of data you can view.

Each section has a large [VIEW/HIDE] button you simply click/tap to open that section of your report, as shown here:


    See the Media Targeting Report > Print and Broadcast Media Targets section for examples of where your news release was sent Direct-to-Editors™ by email; either State, Regional, or National targeting.
    See the News Syndication and Search Reports > Google News and Search Examples section, click the [Quick Search] button, to see examples of how your news is appearing in Google News.
    See the News Network Clip Reports section for some examples of your news being syndicated online right now (syndicated clips have no relation to where your news was sent; these are cloned copies of your news on sites nationwide).
    See the Social Clips and Metrics Reports section for links to our social media accounts, as well as click-through tracking from social shares of your news item. With all plans except the “Online Only” and “State/Event” plans, we include direct links to your social shares and actual “live” clips of your news item where you can see your news on Facebook and Twitter in realtime.
    If applicable to your distribution plan, there will also be a Premium Plan PRN Reports section which has ReleaseWatch clips and live link to your PRN Visibilty Report dashboard.

NOTE: Each section in the reporting will have an Introduction, explaining some important things about the information being presented, which is worth reading to better understand the data.


Important Things to Know About Reporting


  • This is NOT a so-called “media monitoring” service to track media pick-ups over time — such as one week, one month, or one year later — for your news announcement.
  • It provides basic tracking of syndicated elements over the first 1-7 days, as well as some ongoing metrics for social media click-through, and on-page read tracking (“how many times story is read”), and our social media “done by hand work” in sharing your news.
  • We do provide some tools to do FREE Media Monitoring with Google, if you CLICK HERE (or, see the link in the help menu top of page).
IMPORTANT GEOGRAPHIC NOTE ON SYNDICATION OF NEWS: With all plans your news is syndicated nationally, and internationally via websites and content partners who may pull “all our news” regardless of geographical location. So, even if you order a “State” or “Regional” plan, your news will run on portals located in other states or regions. Or, by example, if your release is targeted to Florida, it will still run on websites which are in Ohio, California, and/or the U.K. or elsewhere — this is intentional, as we want content partners to carry all our news, not just some if it, whenever possible. This online syndication has nothing directly to do with how news is disseminated by Send2Press to targeted media using our Direct-to-Editors™ database.

If you are new to PR, or out of date with online publication of news, it’s important to understand there are technically now two types of news “pick-ups” and many newswire services incorrectly use one label to refer to both, when they are distinctly different things.

Syndicated Pick-ups Earned Media Pick-ups
Syndicated pick-ups are basically “cloned” copies of the press release, which will appear on up to 200 websites full-text, and others as snippets/excerpts, without human intervention. This means the story will run on a website like APNews.com, MarketScreener, California Newswire, a CBS/NBC site via AP, and information systems around the world. This is the type of pick-ups that newswire services, including Send2Press, include in free reporting with news distribution plans. “Earned media” pick-ups are the traditional term for news media writing about your news, or mentioning it in some way online, or in print, or on the air. These will have no mention of the newswire service, either in dateline or link-back to press release. So, if a news portal/outlet writes about you, there will often be a “byline” with the name of a staffer from that publication above the mention. You can see some examples of this on our main site on the Example Customer Successes page.
The PRTrax™ dashboard tracks syndicated pick-ups; but also provides some search engine tools to learn to do advanced searches for other types of pick-up. Tracking “earned media” pick-ups can be expensive, requiring a “media monitoring” service which starts at $500/month and up.


Introduction Video
An informal walk-through of our report dashboard

With all Send2Press press release distribution packages (except for budget “BASIC” plans) we include a custom report dashboard for each release issued. This includes clip reports and custom search tools to find your news online. This video is an overview of the Send2Press® PRtrax™ report dashboard we provide to our clients.

  • Video is 16:26 in length. Press the arrow play button to start video.
  • Unscripted narration by Christopher Laird Simmons.

Video is Copr. © 2021 Neotrope® – all rights reserved. Information related to reporting subject to change without prior notice.


How to Use Each “Section” of Your Report

Each section of your report serves a different purpose in organizing information related to your specific press release project.

This allows you to find, and review, the specific metrics you’re most interested in at any given time, or simply “tour” all your reports section by section in an organized way.

Some report sections will not be applicable to your plan level and will not be visible to you at all for the applicable news release. For example media targets by email won’t apply to online-only plans, and PRN Reporting applies only to our Premium level plans.

Report Header

This first section, at top of your report, shows the following quick reference information:

  1. Headline/Title of your press release. This specific PRtrax Report covers only the noted story/release (see next section for how to review your past reports).
  2. Screen Capture: – A small graphic snapshot of what the press release looks like on our main site, Send2Press.com/wire/ — simply for reference. (NOTE: due to change in the auto-snapshot API, this was discontinued Sept. 2020 due to no longer working.)
  3. Clear Time (aka “push time”) for your press release. This is when it went out to the media and/or was first published online.
  4. Permanent Link (aka “permalink”) URL to your press release on our main website. This is the permanent home for your news item and will not change. This is the page you should link to from anything on your own website, newsletter, etc. (but not any bulk/spam email!).
  5. Shortcode for your release, intended exclusively for use with social media sharing as it includes click-through tracking found in your PRpurl™ report. Never use this in any mass-emails or online advertising, or it will be disabled.
  6. Quick Tour link, to the page you’re reading right now. Always easy to find to get back here for a refresher, or to walk your boss through the information. 🙂
  7. Past Reports link will have all your past reports in one place (as applicable), for ease of use.


Quick Metrics for Your Press Release

  1. Pick-Ups of your press release. A general number which comprises syndicated copies of your press release where they would be followable-links within the report. These are not so-called “earned media” pick-ups. See separate page which describes what these numbers actually mean in more detail.
  2. Engagement Score is an estimated number of “verified engagements” with your press release, based on actual “reads,” and social click-throughs. This number will not change as it’s only an estimate. Actual number would be much higher, for example, with a paid “Social Boost” campaign, or if a celebrity shared a story on their social media page, etc. See the separate page on how to create your own ongoing “Engagement Score” on a per-project basis.
  3. Media Targets is an estimated number of the probable number of media outlets we have targeted for your specific announcement. Number is an estimate only as it also includes 300+ daily opt-in summary subscribers.
  4. Potential Audience is a bit of a “nonsense number” as technically there is no real way to estimate true potential audience for online placement of news. It is not comparable to the old-school potential audience for magazine or broadcast pickups as that was a “captive audience,” which online media is not. Please see the separate “what these numbers mean” page for a better explanation of how this number was determined and what it actually means, beyond being a simple reference metric.

What the Quick Metrics Mean


Main Reporting Sections

Each main “section” and then each “sub-section” of your report serves a different purpose in organizing information related to your specific press release project. This allows you to find, and review, the specific metrics you’re most interested in at any given time, or simply “tour” all your reports section by section in an organized way.

  • Use the blue [VIEW/HIDE] buttons to “open” each sub-section of the report.
  • You can leave them all open as you go, or close a sub-section when done.


Use the blue [VIEW/HIDE] buttons to “open” each sub-section of the report.


News Network Clip Reports

This report section provides direct links to syndicated news item “pick-ups” on the Neotrope® News Network, Send2Press content partners, the Frankly Network, and the Financial Content Network. Syndicated clips are unrelated to where your news was sent by email to daily media or trade press.

It’s important to remember this data is merely an initial snapshot for your reference and will not be ongoing “media monitoring” over time. However, you can use the links in the “News Syndication and Search Reports” section to do research tracking over time.

  1. Quick Clips [ICON] – In this sub-section you can find some direct links to popular news sites which have syndicated your news announcement. We call this the “ICON” section as brand logos for news portals are shown with the site name and link.
  2. Quick Clips [TEXT] – In this sub-section you can find some direct links to popular news sites which have syndicated your news announcement, except in plain text format which can be easier to copy/paste into your own reporting, as needed.
  3. Neotrope News Network Clips — In this sub-section you will find “same day” direct links captured by our staff for you, to locate your news on real news portals like California Newswire, content syndication partners like Digital Journal, TippNews/Ohio, MarketScreener and others. These sites are generally “permanent.” (Some research sources can time delay news 1-4 days.)Note: the Neotrope® News Network are news portals, not paid advertising, so your news may be used as editorial, with different headline, content removed, and with an editor byline from the person who edited it from that site. This includes site like eNewsChannels, and if your news is in Florida or California, those sites will do alternate version of your news. This is great for SEO, and great to break up the ‘cloned’ nature of all the other copies online. You have no control over any news site that uses your news; it’s not an advertisement!
  4. Associated Press (AP) [BETA] — In this sub-section you will find research tools to find your news on various sites across the U.S. as syndicated from the AP. (NOTE: this only applies to news after Sept. 11, 2020 and is still in BETA! Does not apply to the budget ‘Online LITE’ plan.)
  5. Financial Content Network Clips — In this sub-section you will find “featured” direct links to your story in the FC Network, as well as a complete list of all sites the FC Network reports back to us for your story. This will typically be approximately 100 sites linked to for each story.

NOTE: See each section of the above network report sections for an important note about news “permanence.” Most other newswire services do a bad job of disclosing this fact, but we try to be fully transparent about what is going on with all the work we do.


Premium Plan PRN Reports

Reporting here will only be visible and applicable to our clients using a Premium plan level distribution. Standard plan projects will not have this section of dashboard visible.

  1. PRN ReleaseWatch Clip Report — This sub-section provides the same clear time confirmation, URL link, word count, and example direct website links normally found in the PRN “Releasewatch” confirmation email once a release is issued in their system.
  2. PRN Visibility Metrics Dashboard — This sub-section has the direct link into PRN’s system to view PRN’s metrics related to your project, with no account login/password needed. This data may update slightly over the first few days, but generally will have no updates after the first week or so. See the report sub-section for more information.

With a PREMIUM LEVEL PLAN, you have a full second dashboard in the PRN system with specific metrics to their portion of the distribution project, with options to export that data separately.


News Syndication and Search Reports

This report section specifically includes report links that help you locate your news release in major news aggregators and search portals.

  1. Google News and Search Examples — This sub-section, as you might expect from its name, provides quick link buttons to locate your news release in Google News, and in the main Google search engine. Results will change slightly over the first 7 days each time you check a link, due to how Google shows news items initially during the “news window.” This section also has links for learning to do Advanced Searches (for “media monitoring”), and how to create a branded Google News Alert.
  2. Bing News and Apple News — Similar to the Google News tools, this sub-section of your report has quick links to your release in Bing News. Also, links to our full-text Apple News Channel are provided for those using iOS devices and the Apple News App.
  3. Yahoo! Search — as with other sub-sections, this section allows you to locate your news in Yahoo! with a custom search based on headline.

Social Clips and Metrics Reports

This report section has sub-sections related to our custom social media campaign, with direct links to your story on top social media sites and our exclusive PRpurl™ social click-through ROI tracking.

  1. Social Media Clip Report — This first social media sub-section has direct link clips to your story on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn (except with “Online Only” and “State” plans where you would need to use the provided account links and search tools to find your clips).
  2. Social Media Campaign Metrics
    • With certain Send2Press distribution plans we provide a free basic promoted post on Facebook, and metrics from this campaign will be found here. Similarly, if you upgraded your project to include a “Social Boost” effort, with paid promotion on Facebook (and optionally on Twitter), report metrics will be found here at end of your paid targeted campaign (Twitter metrics provided by email as PDF/doc).
    • Exclusive PRpurl™ click-through metrics are also found here as an inline-iframe of the external report. This report provides actual ROI on people clicking through from shares on social media from the shortcode we use when sharing the news item (all the share buttons on our main site also use the shortcode). Alternately, you can click a link to view this dashboard in its own window.


Media Targeting Report

This report section has example lists of “who we sent the news to,” as well as how to find the complete PDFs of our media lists locally in the report dashboard. This report section will not be visible to customers using an “online only” plan. This is only a “target” report, and not a confirmed delivery report or “who opened it” report. Remember press releases go to the media, they are not direct marketing.

  1. Print and Broadcast Media Targets — This sub-section provides some info on who we targeted, such as trade pub categories, and custom “social poke” tags on twitter, depending on your plan level.
  2. Direct-to-Editors™ Media Lists — This sub-section has links to our complete PDFs (also Word docx format) of who we send news to. You will find a PDF/DOC for who we email copies to with our Direct-to-Editors™ database, both for daily and trade periodicals; and the AP newsrooms in the U.S. The Word .docx files are provided so you can take the full National daily lists for email and newsrooms and put your branding at top/bottom to provide to clients, if desired.


Additional Sections in Your Report

Optional Engagement Report

This section provides a link to more information on how to create a custom “engagement score” of reader engagements/reads of your news release. There is no way to dynamically create this kind of report, however we do provide examples of how to use an Excel file and where to locate metrics to build such a report if you find it useful or need it for you own clients.
How to Create Engagement Score

Custom News Room and RSS Feed

This section will show a link to your custom News Room on the Send2Press.com/wire system, which is a single main index/archive for all your news releases, along with company/personal bio/backgrounder. Also, a link to your custom news RSS (real simple syndication) feed which can be used to pull in full-text copies of your news items onto your website news page (using appropriate plugin), news widgets, etc.

Custom QR Codes

This section will show a custom QR Code for your main story URL, and after Aug. 2017, will also show a QR Code for your newsroom URL. These can be used in print, online, or in apps, for those on a phone to tap-and-go to your content. NOTE: These graphics are generated dynamically via the cloud, and should be saved if you want to ever use them, as they may not be permanent. QR Codes themselves will work “forever” as long as we have working websites.


Saving Your Reports

Due to how the data is collated by real people from multiple sources, there is not a single method of “saving a copy” of the report, unfortunately. Ideally, there are two suggested methods for saving your report data:

  1. Save to PDF – using Adobe Acrobat DC is the best way in 2018 to save your report information. Or, you can save a “mostly working” PDF from Chrome browser on Windows and Mac. Main issue with the Chrome save function is that you will get long URL strings for some buttons, vs simply clickable buttons.
  2. Copy/paste to MS Word – since MS Word can retain formatting from copy/paste, you can easily copy sections of your report, including “laundry list” of links under the Neotrope, Frankly and FC Network sections and the social clips done by hand. You can also do a “screen capture” of the social metrics from the PRpurl click-through graphs, and from the “pinwheels” found at top of the PRtrax report.

For PREMIUM plan clients, you can also “save as” report info from the PRN VR dashboard (see the help info on the VR report for more info – you have option of PDF or CSV).

For NATIONAL plan clients – you may request a “one time only” PDF snapshot of your PRTrax dashboard which Chris S. will do for you. For Online Only plans or State plans, there is $25 fee to do snapshots to PDF. The snapshot will be of the PRtrax dashboard — you will need to do your own “save as” of the PRN VR report dashboard, if needed.

If you are an agency, we recommend you get the $12-15 per month subscription to Adobe Acrobat DC cloud edition which works on both Mac and Windows. Or, for other options and some ideas on how to save reports, please use the link below.

How to Save Reports

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