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Getting Started

Report Header
When you first reach your PR Trax™ Report dashboard, you will find a basic summary of your press release at top of page, which includes:

  1. Release headline/title.
  2. Clear time (when it “went out” and/or was posted online).
  3. Permalink – the permanent link – to your press release on our main website (
  4. Shortcode for story intended only to be used with social media sharing.
  5. Screen shot image of what your release page looks like on our main site.

Each project we distribute has its own unique report, as each project is different and will have different metrics and links. This report has no login/password, however is NOT intended for public and should not be shared online, such as social media or any public link on your website, etc. It is intended only for your internal use for your company, agency, and/or client(s).

Report Sections:
In the main body of your report, you will find numerous sections, which can be opened or closed using the blue VIEW / HIDE buttons for each section and sub-section. Some sections may not be visible to you when using budget or Standard level plans.

  1. Quick Metrics for Your Press Release
  2. News Syndication and Search Reports
  3. Social Clips and Metrics Reports
  4. News Network Clip Reports
  5. Premium Plan PRN Reports
  6. Media Targeting Report
  7. Readership Measurement Score


Quick Tour On Using Report

To view an in-depth walk-through on how to use each section and sub-section of your report dashboard, please see the Quick Tour page.


Media Monitoring

It’s important to remember that the PR Trax Report is not a so-called media monitoring report. It does not track story pick-ups – aka coverage or “earned media” – over time. It only provides useful ROI on the work Send2Press has done in disseminating your news to traditional media, online syndicators, news portals, and social media. However, you can do your own media monitoring using Google’s advanced search tools.

Questions about our Services

For most questions about our services, plan content requirements, scheduling deadlines, etc., please see our general “requirements and FAQs” page:

For our current service plans and pricing, please see our main price list page here:

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